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A No Hit Zone sets a precedent within the community and establishes a commitment to the promotion of effective parenting techniques.

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To help run this organization, we accept donations of any amount as it it vital to keeping our vision of change alive.

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We have plenty of educational resources that can help your community gain the knowledge needed to make a positive change.

Become a No Hit Zone

What is the goal of  No Hit Zone? To create an environment of comfort and safety for parents, families, and staff present in every location and facility. A No Hit Zone sets a precedent within the community and establishes a commitment to the promotion of effective parenting techniques by instilling that: 

  • No adult shall hit a child
  • No child shall hit another child
  • No adult shall hit another adult
  • No child shall hit an adult


A No Hit Zone is a comprehensive program that includes multiple strategies to effectively influence attitudes, norms, and behaviors


Anyone can become a No Hit Zone!


Family homes, schools, hospitals, religious institutions, communities, and many more can join the movement to address the most prevalent risk factor of child abuse-social norms around corporal punishment.

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Become a No Hit Zone

No Hit Zone toolkit

Our toolkit covers everything from sample policies for child advocacy centers, churches, schools, hospitals and more. We also provide free and paid signage/ posters to show that you are a No Hit Zone.

We include training videos and presentations to help teach others how important this cause is!

Painless Parenting Resources

Parenting can be tough, but that’s why we have created and shared resources to help parents help themselves as well as their children in times of trouble.

Be sure to visit our resources link below to begin to learn how to parent pain-free!

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