Student Suspension

Download Copy: Student Suspension Parent Letter

Dear (name of parent/guardian),

We are writing to you to inform you that your child, (name of student), has been suspended for (amount of time) because of (reason for suspension).

This letter is to notify you of your child’s behavior and to let you know that we have already taken steps in school to discipline your child. We want to ensure you that we believe (name of student) has the ability to shift their behavior.

Studies show that parents’ initial reaction to bad grades is to physically punish their children, and how harmful this approach is. Your child’s brain is still growing and can be easily affected. A study done through Harvard Medical School shows that hitting your child can reduce the size of the brain area responsible for many important functions. These functions include muscle control, memory, emotions, speech, decision making, and self-control. Another study done by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation shows that physically punishing children is correlated with lower IQ scores. Science shows that hitting is harmful and ineffective, but it also shows that there are effective alternatives.

We recognize that how your student behaves at school is out of your control, and this can lead to frustration. We therefore want to share some steps you can take to understand your child’s behavior better and to work with them to change it it:

  • When you, the caregiver, feel frustrated, take a step back and wait to address the problem until you are feeling calm
  • Encourage your child to meet with our school counselor
  • Remind your child that good behavior contributes to a positive learning environment which has positive future impacts
  • Have a calm conversation with your child about why they got in trouble at school

If you feel that your child is not meeting their potential, please contact any of the numbers below and we would be happy to set up a meeting to discuss options moving forward. While physical punishment may seem like an appropriate, short-term response, it has negative long-term effects. We value the safety and comfort of our students and their families. Please help us enforce our No Hit Zone Policy to ensure that our school is a space where your child can thrive.




Please reach out to any of the following people if you have questions about our new policy and/or your child’s academic success or emotional health.

Name (Teacher)                       Name (Principal)                      Name (School Counselor)

Phone number                        Phone number                           Phone number

Email                                         Email                                           Email

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